Get to know the Women in Esports Committee – Leah Alexandra

Quickfire Round:

Q1. What is your favourite food?

“Oh this is the worst question! Generically, pizza I guess. Wait no, ramen. I love ramen too, but we’ll go with that.”

Q2. What is the best game you have ever played?

“It’s a difficult question because it’s like the best game ever played versus the favourite, and I feel like they’re slightly different. My favourite game is Final Fantasy 7, but every time I think of the best game I’ve ever played, I always think of NieR Replicant because it’s just so good. So yeah, between those two.”

Q3. What is the worst game you’ve ever played?

“So for me, it would be Smite. I actually really like Smite as a game, but it made me into a terrible person. The competitive side, the community, everything – it just made me into a horrible person, so that’s probably my answer.”